Monday, 1 February 2010

Chapter 12. Effing finally.

Please don't find out where I live and kill me, okay?
I am sorry a thousand times over. I think it was the Sunday before the last that I already promised a new chap, and look at me now. It's the end of January, for crying out loud! And I can't hide behind the fact that I've been swamped with exams and such when I've actually been watching Being Human and Supernatural. 

So if you've considered having mercy on my poor pitiful soul, you might want to read all these sorry-ass excuses I could bring you.
At first, you'll probably notice that the blacks are blacker now without really dampening the midtones. I must say I wish mangaka would just draw all their characters with black hair, the editing is so much easier. Second, most of the frames are now straight. I really tried my best here, maybe next time I'll bring it up a notch and make the frames even. I can't think of a third reason, sadly.

So, grab yourself the latest chap from Mediafire and my personal site. Remember, kids, constructive criticism first, pats on the back later.

Okay, bonuspoint question - on what page did I do about half a day's (half an hour, actually) worth of cloning? And bitched all the time while doing it.

P.S. If you are in any way knowledgeable of the isotope ratios in different parts of the world or it relating to birds, leave me a shout or a comment, my thesis depends on it.
P.P.S. Any grammar mistakes are based on the fact that I've been awake for more than a day now and I'm constantly snoozing off.

P.P.P.S. If you download the files and store 'em, you might want to get yourself a new page 008 of chapter 11, the typo is now fixed. Link

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Important announcement + re-edit!

I am dissapointed in you, guys. I'd think you'd have the guts to tell me everything you think about my work to my face, but now I see you've just been babying me.
What I mean is that there was a HUGE chunk of uneditedness on page 8. Why didn't I hear any whining about it? Why wasn't anyone in my face about it? Or do you feel that it's the best I can do anyway?

Next time you should be pointing out all the little blurries, nitpick, for god's sake! I can take criticism, I need it, otherwise my ego will become too big for me to bear.

I saw many of you had left extremely long lists of manga they wish to see finished. (Some cool person even mentioned Silver Diamond, so some charisma points for that. And if you or anyone happens to find RAWs of said manga, I will happily put it on top of my list. By the way, just checked it out, it's 18 volumes and ongoing, only 8 volumes have been scanlated so far, so it would really be a really big job. We'll see.) I will put everything there on my wishlist, maybe put in sections by genre even.

So, go get your "better" edited scans from the last post's Mediafire link. (Fixed the link, thanks Anonymous!)

P.S. death and Julia, I was thinking of giving work for you both. And then you can cross-check each others, I think then it would be possible for us to take on more work. Oh god, listen to me, I have ambitions, I haven't had any since the 9th grade. death's edit is here for all of you to comment on.

P.P.S. I think I decided to make you all blind and reduce the font size of the comments. I'm sorry that I'm so minimalistic.  I'm also thinking of adding a shoutbox to this blog, any thoughts on that one? Actually, I'm even amazed that some of you take the time to read all this BS I write instead of scrolling down to the link:D

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Yononaka v03 c11!!!

It seems I only post at odd hours. But no worries for I have managed to finish another chapter! Yay!

For this release I downloaded so many different fonts, and half of them aren't even any good:D But as you'll see, there's more variation. So be sure to comment on the font and its size for it is larger than last time. I dont't know why, but it just happened.

I was also thinking that when Fushichou releases their chapter I'll evaluate my actual abilities on scanlating and then decide whether to go on or not. Because if my translation differs drastically from theirs, I'm a failure, you know.

Ok, the time is late (or early) and I'm going to have a nice cigarette. By the way, what do you think about my logo? I was just having fun with GIMP and then it just happened. It looks like a smoking chicken to me:D So I tried to find all the Chinese words that pronounce as 'li', but none of them meant bird.

Alright, enough with the smalltalk - Mediafire UPDATED!

P.S. I found the (probable) uploader - it's Junko from Aarinfantasy! So next time I'll credit him/her correctly.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Recommendations and other important things

It has come to my attention that maybe I was a bit rude when taking up Yononaka, because Fushichou is also doing it. My reasons were that I really loved the series and a chap hadn't been released for a while as you all know. It was also suggested that I should have joined their group then. I'd like to remind you that my scanlations are 99% not perfect. I am not native English nor Japanese, I've been studying Japanese for about 2.5 years, and am far from proficient in it. My scan editing skills leave much to be desired.

I believe that this shouldn't create much drama, because there are tons of series out there that are being scanlated by more than one group at the same time or earlier scanlations being over-scanlated. The idea to start scanlating came, when I found out that there are a few Gakuen Alice chapters that hadn't been scanlated. As of now, they are done, but in such quality that I would never download them and keep them. I will finish said chapters in the future.

For the record, I RECOMMEND you downloading Fushichou's releases of Yononaka when they come out, because they will definitely be of better quality! Consider mine as a quick fix and theirs a sweet trip;)

And now for something rather different - I'd like you to suggest manga that haven't been scanlated for a while now and no group seems to be taking up any time soon. I hope you'll bear in mind that it shouldn't be overly text-heavy or sfx-heavy, so any shounen action is really out of the question. And I'd really not like to scanlate cheesy shoujo:D And of course, I will not take on two projects at a time, it would get confusing.

Yononaka wa Bokura ni Amai v03 c10

I am Madli and starting from now I am Mad Li scanlation group/person.

My first project is Yononaka wa Bokura ni Amai by Takaguchi Satosumi-san. Please forgive me all the awkward English (for it is not my native language), the bad punctuation, the lousy editing of the images (I am still not very familiar with GIMP and how I could utilise it better). I have not translated any SFX because they are rather obvious in their meaning.

All translation will be in British English as it should.

I spent my weekend on this chapter, the weekend I was supposed to be studying Japanese, for example:D, so don't expect another chapter before Christmas. I hope to see it through to the end.

You are welcome to comment and criticise on my work (criticism and pointers will be especially welcome).

I am very sorry that at this hour (half past four in the morning on a Monday) I am only able to provide you with one download link. Maybe I'll have time in the morning for it. The actual morning that is.

Please enjoy.

P.S. Please tell me if you want to up my files to MangaFox or to a similar page, I have nothing against it, just would like to know. Upped it myself, and will continue to do so for those who are unable to download:)

For the LAST time (I hope): Mediafire 
And next time, please tell me if anything's the matter, don't settle.